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Babysitter Certification

     The American Red Cross is the nation’s leader in babysitter certification and child care training.  Did you know 8 in 10 parents surveyed said they would pay more for a trained babysitter who holds an American Red Cross Babysitter certification?  This certification course will provide your son or daughter with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly give care for children and infants. 

     Our training will help participants develop leadership skills and teach them how to develop a successful babysitting business.  Your child will learn about basic child care, basic first aid and how to perform CPR on infants, children and adults.  The recommended age for this course is 10-15 years old. 

Course Details:

  • Classes are limited to 12 Students per session.

  • Class session are approximately 6 hours (9:00am to 3:00pm)

  • Lunch will be provided (Pizza)*

  • Tuition $89.00 (Includes: 2-year CPR-First Aid Certification**), Babysitters Certification, First Aid Kit and Keychain CPR Mask.

Your child’s safety and well being are our top priority and they will be in good hands while training at our classroom.  We have an open-door policy and parents can drop in at any time during the training course.

Course Highlights:

Getting Started:

  • Introduction to babysitting

  • Job information sheet

  • Help the parents get to know you. What to cover before the parents leave


  • You’re in charge — but you’re not the parents.

  • Negotiations

  • Conflict resolution

  • Setting boundaries

Basic Care Giving Skills

  • Hand washing

  • Feeding infants and children

  • Diapering

  • Infant safe sleep practices

Safety and injury prevention

  • Telephone safety

  • Personal calls and texting

  • Hazards

  • SIDS awareness

Play Time

  • Keeping kids entertained and active

  • Tips for infants, toddlers, pre-school, and school-age kids

  • Staying involved

  • Bringing your own toys

First Aid & CPR

  • Recognizing an emergency

  • Cuts and scrapes

  • Caring for burns

  • Choking

  • First Aid Training

  • CPR & AED Training

  * Student may bring their own lunch, if desired.

** Students must complete the online learning course before attending the Babysitter Training.  Access will be given in the confirmation email after booking is complete.

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